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All products made in the USA unless otherwise noted.

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Green Roof Solutions informational resources for your green architecture project


The Think Tank is all about ideas and information. This is where you can find design details, informational resources, links, etc, but it is more than that. We love to develop custom products. Give us a challenge and we can help you with a smart solution.

Green Roof Solutions is always working to develop new and innovative products and we may already be working on a solution to your specific need.

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Green Roof Solutions customstormwater management products and solutions


Urban stormwater ranks among the nation's leading pollution sources for rivers, lakes, and oceans. Stormwater runoff and resulting sewer overflows can be greatly reduced by installing green roofs and living walls. We continue to address the critical issue of stormwater runoff by bringing innovative stormwater products and services to the market. We offer storage tanks, filtration solutions, and other water re-use solutions.

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