All Green Roof Solutions products made in America

All products made in the USA unless otherwise noted.

Green Roof Solutions



Green Roof Solutions green roof and sustainable architecture products

Green Roof Solutions carries the most diverse selection of green roof system components available in the United States. With our full line of products, you will be able to complete a full green roof build-up over any suitable waterproofing membrane.

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Green Roof Solutions living wall products

Green Roof Solutions offers a few different options when it comes to living wall materials.

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Green Roof Solutions hardscapes for green roof, deck, and patio design

Green Roof Solutions offers a range of hardscape related products, mainly geared towards roof garden situations.

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Green Roof Solutions renewable energy products

Green Roof Solutions is always looking to support the green building and sustainability markets. Green energy is something that goes hand-in-hand with green roofs.

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Green Roof Solutions rainwater storage products

Green Roof Solutions' water storage options allow everyone from a home gardener to a large-scale building owner to decrease their water footprint and stress on municipal stormwater systems. We offer a range of water storage solutions, from rain barrels to custom tanks.

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